Luminaires by serien lighting convince by sophisticated technology, loving details and innovative materials. According to corporate philosophy, luminaires are architectural room elements, which accentuate, change atmospheres or highlight certain areas. For example, the luminaire Zoom with its concertina-type lattice system is a wonderful solution in adjustability; the SML programme stands out by its minimalist and precise modular system, the luminaire Reef surprises by its unusual ceramic foam structure.

In the beginning there was the idea of the plain architectonic luminaire made of semi-finished products mounted with visible connections, with the halogen light that was new at the time, and equipped with the first compact fluorescent lamps – minimum form with maximum light effect. When Manfred Wolf and Jean-Marc da Costa founded their company on this idea after studying design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach, that was a bold step: Would a small company from the South Hessian region be able to assert itself against the power of the Italian luminaire manufacturers? Were these ideas marketable? And would dealers and customers even appreciate the design and workmanship quality at all?

25 years later, is a firmly established name in the field of design-oriented, technically sophisticated luminaires. Luminaire design from Germany has become an international quality standard – not least thanks to the Rodgau company. And the market has rewarded the claims of the two designers to the design and manufacture of their ingenious luminaire solutions.

The success story of the company begins with the luminaires already designed by Wolf and da Costa in their University days. They presented ""Lift“, ""Reflex“, ""Quadrat“, ""Status“ and ""Status Wand“ for the first time in 1985 in time for the Cologne furniture trade fair at the Wohnbedarf Stoll stand, and were able to convince the specialist visitors to such an extent that the designs were available at more than 30 dealerships only six months later: Technically functional, yet at the same time elegantly graceful and precisely formulated solutions, each one the result of an intensive analysis of design, technology and light. This was also to apply for all conceptions with which drew attention during the following 25 years, and which repeatedly provided the lighting design scene with new impulses.

Thus, the "SML" luminaire line, as a minimalist and precise modular system, soon become a favourite among architects. ""Take Five“ by Ginbande and "Zoom" by Floyd Paxton used the concertina-type lattice principle for surprisingly new solutions with regard to adjustability. "Reef" by nextspace, as one of the first luminaire concepts, used the unusual structure of foam ceramics for a lampshade. Bi-Metall, in its model "Poppy“, lets the shade open and close by means of the warmth of the bulb. And even the youngest members of the luminaire family of the company convince as masterly combinations of light, design and technology: ""Annex“ by Uwe Fischer finally finds a convincing shape and lighting solution for the central ceiling diffuser for lower ceilings. ""Elane“ by Jakob Timpe draws a perfectly flowing, almost acrobatically angular line in the room with its arm.

As opposed to many other luminaire manufacturers, is not interested in constantly serving the latest trends and in always presenting innovations at each trade fair. ""We aren't interested in selling modern lighting gimmicks"", says Managing Director Manfred Wolf, ""we are not predominantly involved in luminaires, but rather with illumination.“ Each product is intended to become a statement and last for decades. So sometimes, the development of a luminaire from the initial idea through to market maturity – which may take a year in other companies – may turn into a design, reject and further development process lasting for several years. Here, refinements to the form of the light are made until the perfect light effect is achieved, until a really independent, contemporary form of expression has been found and a filigree technical construction has been worked out, where nothing can be added or taken away. It isn't surprising that the results of this intensive analysis have been honoured with dozens of design awards.

Today, offers a range of luminaires comprising not only technical but also decorative light, which is used just as naturally in the entrance to a company, in a practice or an office as in a bar or a private residence. Not only the plain, reserved designs of the early period, which have long become classics can be found here, but also striking individual elements that attract attention in any room. They all share the combination of sophisticated technology, a well-considered shape and a precisely designed lighting effect.

It is the aim of the serien-studios, emerging since a few years in selected dealerships in all major German cities, to enable the end consumer to experience the fascination for design, technology and light: In 20 studios, the entire collection is already being presented in a environment similar to that of the company's trade fair stands. ""In doing so we hope to make it possible for the end consumer to experience the range and quality of our products, but also the values of,“ says Managing Director Jean-Marc da Costa. These values will in future continue to ensure that the company's products are more than just light sources: The luminaires from are a sensitively developed lighting solutions that reach far beyond mere functionality and feature a love of detail, high quality, creative genuineness and passion.