The reduction of the shape to the essentials, to the most elementary geometry, the line, is the basis of the designs created by millelumen. The authenticity of the lighting objects is created by the luxury of their simplicity.

Simplicity that creates space for emotion and identity. In conjunction with the reduction of shape there is a maximum of function, light, lighting scenes and lighting moods in endless variations as an expression of sensually perceptible aesthetics. The aim of the creativity of millelumen is to design  "works of art“ that stage, decorate and re-define rooms.

The essential prerequisites for contemporary functional technology and materialism are ecology, economic efficiency and lasting value. For millelumen, only LED light fulfils these requirements, as its combination with variable light control technology guarantees a high degree of functionality, energy savings and maximum comfort.

Aluminium as a clear and veritable material and correspondingly contemporary surfaces are the elements for uncompromising quality. The individual production at the millelumen factory in Offenbach and the network of German designers and suppliers enable the allowance for the most various requirements and needs of users, planners and architects. The uniqueness of each individual luminaire by millelumen complies with the desire for individualism of the customers of the company in Hessen.