High-quality glass as a dominating design element is the trademark of Fontana Arte luminaires. It reflects the roots of the Italian company in glass manufacture. The architect Gio Ponti founded Fontana Arte in 1932 as the artistic division of the leading glass manufacturer at the time, Luigi Fontana. Initially, Fontana Arte made coloured glass church windows, which can still be seen today in Milan Cathedral or the Cathedral of Brasilia. It was Gio Ponti who discovered the potential of glass for the manufacture of furnishing elements, and devoted himself to the production of luminaires, small items of furniture and accessories, whose main differentiation feature was the use of glass. For more than 75 years, Fontana Arte has designed and produced timelessly beautiful and elegant designer luminaires that have always been the consequence of the close relationship between creativity and original, innovative production power. Exceptional designers such as Piero Castiglioni, Ettore Sottsass or Matteo Thun contributed with their designs to the success story of Fontana Arte luminaires. Fontana Arte predominantly relies on sophisticated materials such as mouth-blown glass, metal or brass. The Fontana Arte Collection comprises design classics, such a the Fontana Arte Parola by Piero Castiglione and Gae Aulenti from 1980, which is not only well-proportioned, but also useful and charmingly attractive. But also more recent innovative table luminaires such as the Fontana Arte Loop (2003), which brings a shell to mind, the two halves of which can be moved apart by turning round a central axis, thus revealing the light from the inside. Fontana Arte additionally offers plain, yet nonetheless expressive table luminaires and free-standing luminaires such as the product families Fontana Arte 3247 and 2198 an. They  combine the classis lamp shape with high-quality materials such as satinised glass, nickel-plated metal or pear-wood and sophisticated functionality such as separately switchable luminaires for direct or indirect illumination. The following applies to most Fontana Arte luminaires: their extraordinary beauty only becomes apparent upon a second glance, when the quality, fine materials and loving attention to detail become visible.