The Artemide Group is the worldwide leading manufacturer of of design-oriented luminaires in the premium segment and a competent provider of technical lighting solutions.

The corporate philosophy of the company expresses itself in the vision "The Human Light", in understanding light as a companion of human beings, adapting to the needs of the individual in any life situation, offering maximum comfort, yet minimum environmental effect.

The Group is divided into two divisions – Design and Architectural. Both are characterised by the ongoing advanced development of innovative luminaires and lighting systems, considering both formal and functional aspects.

The Design division offers lighting solutions placing a clear demand on the design quality of the respective products. Concepts that meet the increasing requirements of the users are developed in cooperation with internationally recognised designers such as Michele De Lucchi, Zaha Hadid, Ross Lovegrove or Richard Sapper, for example.

The portfolio of the Architectural business division comprises technical indoor and outdoor luminaires, which are characterised by their low energy consumption and high degree of efficiency.

Today the Group employs a workforce of about 700 in five production facilities in Italy, France, Hungary and the USA as well as two glass factories and two research and development centres.