In 1994, the married couple Albi Serfaty, photographer, and Ayala Serfaty, designer, founded the Aqua Creations Studio with the aim to experiment with, develop and manufacture furniture and lighting elements using an artistic approach.

They extended their activities over the years and remained true to their authenticity, charm and poetry. From the very beginning until today, Aqua Creations luminaires are based on sensuality, shape, colour and rhythm. Currently, Aqua Creations is able to offer a comprehensive furniture and lighting catalogue, as well as a design department that, led by Ayala Serfaty, specialises in the manufacture of limited individual product editions. Customised design elements are created here for special global projects such as the exclusive equipment of hotels, restaurants and casinos.

Aqua Creations' headquarters is in Tel Aviv, where all the creative, development and manufacturing work is done. Aqua Creations has now founded two showrooms and offices in New York and Shanghai in response to the increasing demand for Ayala Serfaty's design elements. The extremely popular articles are exhibited all over the world and can be found in most countries. Despite increasing demand and production, Aqua Creations still places great importance on the fact that each luminaire is hand-made. Aqua Creations' expert craftsmen work personally on each piece, thus guaranteeing that they are not only design elements, but also works of art.